Black Out

We are currently studying poetry in my class. We learned a song for the elements of poetry (set to the song “Take a Bow”). During writing I have been teaching different poetic forms and how to construct poems. I found several great resources on TeachersPayTeachers. One was a prezi presentation on blackout poetry. After their test on Friday my students did an amazing job creating their own poetic art.

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Here is a link to the blackout poetry presentation – FREE!! 

Interactive Notes Resources for TFA Peeps

Okay after way too long I am here to post some resources from my table at the innovation fair. I am dividing these by subject areas and I hope that you are able to find some great stuff to use with your students!

*A note about TpT – These are searches I conducted to find resources. TeachersPayTeachers is one of my favorite places. On the side you can select free and view all of the free resources.


Homeschool Share lots of free lap-books and foldables to use for many subject areas. Great starting point and where I first got introduced to the idea of foldables.

Notebooking Fairy – this site has lots of graphic organizers to use in your classroom. I used the timeline pages for my Earth science class last year.

Notebooking Pages – sign up for a free account and you will get access to tons of free resources for interactive notes. It is divided by sections and has one section that includes 3-D notebook pages.

Lapbook Lessons – This includes free templates for lapbooking (3-D notes)

All About Lapbooks – This is a free download that I created to describe what lap-books are and how to use them in the classroom.

TECH Themed Freebie 


TpT Search for Math Foldables 

TpT Search for Interactive Math Notebooks

SCIENCE – These are from my store. Email me and I can send you the links (TFA Peeps)

Rocks and Minerals

Atmosphere and Weather

Life Science

Human Body


Interactive Reading Notebook – NonfictionThis is a resource I purchased for my classroom and my students love it when we take notes.

Interactive Reading Notebook – Fiction: Again another resource I purchased for my classroom.

Interactive Writing Notebook: I have not purchased this, but it looks pretty amazing!

Free Lesson – Making Inferences

Free Lesson – Types of Irony

Free Lesson – Similes

Free Lesson – Context Clues

Poetry Foldables – This is in my store. If you want it, let me know and I will send it to you (TFA Peeps)


Ancient Civilizations Notebook

Ancient Civilizations Notebook pt 2

* There were not very many social studies resources. However, you know your subject so I encourage you to search on your own!

Tech Resource from a School PD –

Innovation Fair at All Corps

It was so amazing to be a part of the innovation fair this past Saturday. I know that many of you are wanting links to fold-ables. I, unfortunately, have been busy prepping for my week. I will be posting the links and resources this week. Sorry for the delay :/

From Chopsticks to Mason Jars


That is a picture of my new mason jar cup – a purchase I made during my transition from China to the Delta. I am now officially in the Mississippi TFA Corps! It is really exciting to be in a place that is warm and welcoming – not to mention a place that has people who speak my language. I loved China, but I guess it is time for a new step in my life.

This week I attended induction, which is where new corps members get introduced to their new roles in their placement areas. I have enjoyed meeting awesome people from across the U.S. who are going to work hard for the children of Mississippi. We had the opportunity to visit the community of Belzoni, MS – My highlight of the week! (click the link to read more)

Over the next several weeks I will be going through training to make me an even better teacher. I hope to keep you updated along the way. However, I will probably be updating my TFA blog – Jazzy Jottings more frequently during institute. Be sure to check it out as well!

Exciting News!

I am back from my journey around China. I had an amazing time with friends in Hong Kong and in Xian. Disneyland in Hong Kong was so much fun. I truly felt like I was a kid for a day. In Xian, I finally got to see the famous Terracotta Warriors and Panda’s! It was the first time I had ever seen a panda, and what a great place to see them – China.





All of that was very exciting, but the most exciting news came on January 8th (in China)! I have been going through the Teach for America Interview process for around three months. The process included an initial application, phone interview and their first ever virtual interview. Some people equate getting accepted into TFA to getting into an Ivy League University. None the less on January 8th I found out that I was accepted into the 2013 Corps.

Photo: Congratulations to all those accepted to Teach For America today! Tell the world by sharing this image and/or making it your profile picture.

I will be teaching English 7-12 in the Mississippi Delta Region. I am ecstatic to be coming home to America and hopefully make a difference in a school there. However, that means that my time in China is coming to a close. I hope that I will be able to enjoy my last five months here with my friends and students.