It’s Gonna be May! (a little late)

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After a bought of sickness, I am back in my classroom. And I cannot believe that it is already MAY. I survived testing and jury duty and now there are only 17.5 days left including weekends!

I only have a few weeks left to share with my sixth graders. May is always a bit bittersweet for me. My students are moving on and I will have a brand new set of students next year! At this time of the year I try to finish strong, but I cannot help to look forward to things I want to do next year.

Lucky for me and the other teachers in the United States that around this time we have Teacher Appreciation Week! Tomorrow TpT will have its annual sale and I cannot wait to stock up on some goodies for next year!


Some of the Items on My Wishlist:

Earth's Seasons ALL-IN-ONE Lesson | Astronomy Seasons Lesson

I already use the doodle notes from this teacher-author about the seasons. I think this would be great to use at the beginning of the year because it hits some key ideas that are a pinnacle of our learning throughout the year.

Syllabus Editable {8 Different Editable Syllabus Infographic Templates}

I purchased these a couple of years ago. I love using them to update my syllabus. If you don’t have a great template check these out!

Gravity and Inertia In The Motion of Orbits In Our Solar System Utah SEEd 6.1.2

One of my weaker lessons is talking about Gravity and Inertia. I would like to look at this set and see if it would add to what I already use.

Quotes Posters featuring a Cactus Theme

My classroom has a cactus & succulent theme. I love these posters for my classroom. I am looking for some easy ways to spruce up the room without re-doing everything (which is what I have done every year I have taught!).

What kinds of stuff will you be shopping for?


Appreciating Teachers 2013

This week it is great to be a teacher (well most other weeks, too!). It is teacher appreciation week. With Teacher Appreciation Day on May 7th. I am making a cute gift for my co-workers using Fanta. It is super simple, but I want them to know how much I appreciate working with them. No man is an island and that is certainly true when it comes to teaching. We cannot function well as teachers without the support of our co-workers. Here is a picture of what I am making. You can click the picture to find the labels!

Check out my stores at TeachersPayTeachers and TeachersNotebook for Amazing Deals this week! Happy Teachers Appreciation Week!!

Two day sale

The Grand Tour

Before I  start packing and  transitioning into the new year I wanted to share my classroom. I am going to post some pictures of my classroom decorations and arrangement. Please keep in mind this is my first year and first attempt at classroom organization. I am so thankful that you live and learn, because I have tons of new ideas for next year 🙂

You will notice I have a boggle board, but you may not know that I have centers. I decided to try centers with my middle-school students. I was pleased with the results. I had four centers set-up around the room – Greek and Latin Roots, Non-fiction, Writing, Vocabulary and Game. I called them stations because it sounded more middle-schooly 😀

Most of my walls are empty. I like to fill them with student work. Sometimes it can get a bit chaotic. Next year I really want to find an easier and more efficient way to display student work. I made a sandwich bag quilt, but it only works for flat  and letter sized papers.

What are you going to change about your classroom next year?

One Smart Cookie

I had a wonderful time blog-hopping yesterday. I got some really great freebies from some truly awesome educators. I hope that you also had the chance to grab those free offers.

On a different note I just got finished baking cookies for the teachers at my school (we only have 10 teachers at our k-12 school). Tomorrow is Teacher Appreciation Day. I am kinda proud of myself. I created little gift bags with cookies. I also made custom labels that say “You are one smart COOKIE! Happy Teacher Appreciation Day 2012.” They look really cute.

Teacher Appreciation Day is not celebrated in China. I am hoping to bring a smile to the face of my Asian co-workers. What are you doing for Teacher Appreciation Day? No matter what it is I hope it is wonderful.

Teacher Appreciation Week

I am super excited about next week!  It’s Teacher Appreciation Week and we’ve got a huge jackpot for you.  Everyone’s a winner not just one person.  We’ve put together an amazing blog hop for you to find some of the best teacher resources that are normally a paid item, but for one day they are FREE just for you.  Isn’t that exciting?!  I’ll let you know the value of all the products that you are going to get for free on Saturday.  It all starts on Sunday, May 6th.

We wanted to show teachers how much we care for them and appreciate all the hard work you put in each day at school.  Each gift will be valued between $3.00 and $8.00 (which equals a jackpot of over $600) You can only download them from Teachers Pay Teachers.  If you don’t have an account there, set one up so you can be ready to download like crazy!

Because there are so many bloggers participating in this event, we have it split up into three groups. I am in  the 7-12 Jackpot.  Even if you are not a 7-12 teacher you can still get in on the action by visiting the other hosts sites.

Make sure you watch for another amazing promotion just for teachers May 6-8.

You are one LUCKY person!

Click Here for My Free Product – Coke or Sprite Inference Lesson and Game

This product was created for an EFL class, and is only free today (normally $3.75). The lesson introduces students to critical thinking, strategy, predictions and/or making an inference. Students play a game and try to create a strategy, persuade other players and make predictions. It could be used as an intro to teaching students how to make an inference when reading.

What is included:
– Vocabulary and Questions
– PowerPoint (12 slides)
– Coke or Sprite Strategy Game