My First Teacher VLOG!! (and a classroom tour)

So in February I discovered teacher vlogs. I had been watching some professional development type videos on youtube by people like Laura Candler and 4mula Fun, but I discovered something really neat when I stumbled upon teacher vlogs.

I decided a while ago, before some unexpected things happened, that I would try my hand at creating a vlog. I am still very new to this arena, but here is my first vlog and classroom tour for 2016/2017!


Feild Day 2017!


We had a blast at field day this year. The weather was absolutely perfect! It wasn’t too hot or too cold. Last year, I remember it being very cold and we had to beg students to compete in the water games. Thankfully that was not the case this year.

Modeling Poems After Gwendolyn Brooks

Today we looked at the poetry of Gwendolyn Brooks and as a class we modeled poetry after her poem “We Real Cool.” Some of my students published their poem on their blog as well. You can find their blogs by clicking student blogs at the top of the page.


6A’s Poem

We real smart.We

don’t fart. We

pass gas. When

we out of class.

We make A’s. We

go all the way!

~ ~ ~

6B’s Poem

We rule school. We

too cool. We

sit at school. We

obey the rules.

Sometimes it’s hard, but we

go Far!

Carry On

I never expected to feel so down-trodden in the classroom. I have always loved teaching, but it has been one uphill battle after another. So far this year has been like digging through concrete with a plastic spoon. I have break-throughs, but mostly it is littered with frustration. One break-through happened a couple of weeks ago when we read “The Tell-Tale Heart”. My students loved the story, but more than that they loved the project that we completed. They had to be CSI investigators and create a case file (on TpT) with text evidence.

Positives So Far:

– Attending all of the Middle School Football Games and being named as the number one fan by the football players.

– Students actually remembering and being able to describe the stories we read during our short story unit.

– Students asking to check out books from my library and take AR tests.

– Random notes from different students about how much they enjoy my class.

– Being able to start FCCLA for my students.

– Becoming a table leader for the Innovation Fair next weekend.

– Connecting with some of the problematic students in different ways.


Am I failing? Yes. However, through those failures I am learning and growing into a better teacher. I continue to carry on, because I am worth it and more importantly my students are worth it.

I leave you now with a quote from my Poppa “You never fail until you stop trying!”