My Students (& I) Love Collaborative Posters

At the end of last year, I discovered collaborative posters, and they are amazing! In the push to fit in research projects, these were a lifesaver. Students love them because it is a group project that holds each group member accountable. It also gives them a chance to be creative!

What are Collaborative Posters? 

Collaborative posters are posters students create in a group. Each person gets a piece of the poster to work on. Then, once everyone has filled in their information (and colored their piece), they come together to put their poster together. Sometimes students will discuss color schemes before coloring or wait until it is glued together to color. What I really like about it is the process and the fact that they are working together.

Another cool thing is you can have different pieces to posters scattered through the class so they have to find their group in order to form their puzzle. This gets students working with people they may not have worked with in the past.

Lastly, students research, but it doesn’t take three days. You can give them a time limit and hold them to it. Usually, for my students, it only takes about 45 minutes or less to complete their poster.

Are you ready to try? 

I have completed two collaborative posters with my students. One about the planets and another about types of rocks. If you would like to check those out click the photos below:

Types of Rocks Collaborative Posters - Sedimentary, Metamorphic and Igneous

I created a set of collaborative posters over Types of Rocks. FLASH SALE — Regular Price $4.50 — During Spring Break 4/1-4/5 this product will be on sale for $2.25!!

Solar System: Planet Research Collaborative Posters

This one is by Tied to Teaching and costs $5.25


Pennant Flags are a Twist on the Poster Idea – I thought about using this for the beginning of the year next year- $2.40

Thanks so much for reading this post! I hope you gained some great ideas and if you need help making collaborative posters let me know in the comments below.


A Field Trip and Farm Animals

Yesterday I had the opportunity to go on my first field trip of the year with my students. It was so much fun. The field trip was an incentive for students who had excellent behavior in December and January. Our first stop on the field trip was the bowling ally. Many of my students had never been bowling before. It was fun teaching them how to bowl and celebrating when they finally scored a strike of a spare!

IMG_20150130_120326 (1)IMG_20150130_114545

After the bowling alley we went to the local mall. The students got to choose what they wanted. A lot of my girls came with me to the chinese place in the food court. We ordered and I spoke Mandarin with the attendant. My students were amazed to say the least.

When we were pleasantly full from lunch a few of us decided to go to build a bear. One of my students started lip-syncing to “Let it Go” They helped me to stuff and wash my build a bear – Olaf. Then we named him William-Olaf-Sullivan after our school. He is now our class mascot!

IMG_20150130_130151 IMG_20150130_130844

~ All in all we had a WONDERFUL field trip!

FARM ANIMALS – This morning my student, who is in 4-h, had a cattle show. Unfortunately I arrived late, but I did get to see him with his cow and his awards. He won first place and I am so proud. Next week he is going to the state competition and I hope he does equally as well.

IMG_20150131_095109 IMG_20150131_094950

So those were just a few of the highlights from another week in Mississippi! It has been exciting and amazing to see my students doing awesome things!

Black Out

We are currently studying poetry in my class. We learned a song for the elements of poetry (set to the song “Take a Bow”). During writing I have been teaching different poetic forms and how to construct poems. I found several great resources on TeachersPayTeachers. One was a prezi presentation on blackout poetry. After their test on Friday my students did an amazing job creating their own poetic art.

IMG_0759[1] IMG_0758[1] IMG_0757[1] IMG_0753[1]


Here is a link to the blackout poetry presentation – FREE!! 

May Holiday – SPRING BREAK!!

So everyone back in the states has already had spring break. I have been waiting and waiting through this endless semester for spring break. Okay so it hasn’t been all bad, but I am excited for a break – 9 days no school!!


What are my plans?

1. Pack a bit to get ready for my journey back to the States.

2. Go visit my Chinese family in Yantai!! I have not seen them since Christmas and I am so excited. This is the last time I will see some for a while and the last time I will see others on this side of the globe.

3. Relax and enjoy the time I have in China – it is starting to get very bitter-sweet, especially as I start to say “this is the last time…”

– Wish me luck and I hope everyone is enjoying their last few days, weeks, month of school!!