It’s that Time of Year Again…

I recently read a post from The Lettered Classroom about her transition from Kindergarten to 4th grade. In her post she mentioned the phases of a first year teacher:

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For me this has described most of my years in education. You see every year that I have taught I have changed grades, schools or subject areas. I have never taught the same thing for two years in a row. Therefore, every year I feel like I am going through this roller-coaster of my first year all over again.

It is not a terrible thing, but thankfully I am finally hitting the rejuvenation zone. I am finally feeling like being creative and planning better activities for my students. I am not saying that my activities have been sub-par, there is just a vast difference in feeling almost defeated like – why am I doing this and I am a horrible teacher – to a place where you truly love what you do all over again.

What was most refreshing about reading her post was the idea that I am not alone and that this is probably more normal than I could have imagined. As teachers, we constantly try to put on our best face, but in reality we are all human. We all have our crummy times and our joyful times! I guess it keeps us on our toes and makes life interesting.