Teacher Self Care – Bible Journaling

I am a teacher, but way above that, I am a Christian. Self-care has been a huge buzz word as of late and I do agree that we need to take time to ourselves. It is like the oxygen mask on the airplane – you have to put yours on before helping others. We cannot continue to teach if we are constantly used up by our students. That is what leads to burn out.

The thing that aids me and sustains me as a teacher is my relationship with Christ. When I feel like I cannot go on I can pray and he is there to give me exactly what I need. If you are not a Christian, then this may be strange sounding to you. You may also question how I could possibly teach science as a Christian – but that is a tale for another time.

Recently, one practice that has helped me is to take time to Bible Journal. If you look up bible journaling you will get many different ideas about what it means. Some people paint all over their Bible and create wonderful works of art. For me, it simply means to write – annotate – & to reflect on God’s word.


Above you can see what a typical page in my Bible – you can see that I circle keywords, underline details and add annotations about what things mean. I also have coloring pages in the margins of my Bible that I add color to and I also add tip-ins with further notes. This has greatly helped me to learn more about God’s word and what it means for me!

If you would like to look at some of the methods I have used you can visit my board on Pinterest! I add to it at different times.


I hope that this has helped you to see how I study God’s word. It truly does give me peace and helps to anchor me when I am feeling overwhelmed in the day to day aspects of teaching. Until next time…


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