WPATV – A Weather Room Transformation


Who didn’t grow up in awe of the weathermen and women on TV in front of a green screen? I was always amazed that they were able to point to certain cities and such. For our meteorology unit, I transformed my room into a news station. Complete with “Craft Services!”

The set up was very easy. I borrowed a green screen from a co-worker (although I have since found out that you can use any green fabric). I then angled my chairs towards the screen for a studio audience. For Craft Services, I made lemonade and asked parents to donate powdered donuts. I made a simple poster of the TV Station logo using one of our local stations as inspiration. Lastly, I played news them songs as the students came in.

What did Students Do?

They researched weather information prior to the transformation. Upon arriving in class they were given a script to fill-in and make cue cards. Then for the first 30 minutes we had production meetings in groups. They met with me and selected their background. Then, the final part of class we filmed the weather reports.

The app I used for filming is called Do Ink – http://www.doink.com

The kids loved completing this project and we had a watch party once I put all the reports together. What do you do during your meteorology unit?


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