Meteorology Glow Games Transformation

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Let’s be honest – there are only so many Kahoots that you can do to review for tests (don’t get me wrong – I do love me some Kahoot!). When it came time to review for my Meteorology unit, I knew I wanted to try glow games. I had read about this idea on elementary shenanigans, and so I dove in!

The Decor

Now I will admit that this one cost a bit more than I anticipated. FOr glow games I needed black lights. Guys, black lights cost some major bucks. I remember when I was in high school you could purchase them at the dollar tree – well that is not the case anymore. The LED version will set you back about $8-9 at Lowes or Home Depot. That was my major purchase to make things glow. The other main purchase was items for the games (water bottles, glow sticks, spoons, and cones). I asked parents to donate glow-sticks and I borrowed some lamps from different family members.

The Content

Students entered the room and rotated between four different games to review for our test. They had a recording sheet to use as their study guide and they had to complete the study guide in order to play the game.

The Games:

  • Spoons – Find out how to play this card game here– students were able to match four of a kind using our meteorology vocabulary.
  • Jenga – Students answer a question under a color category and then pull that color from the Jenga Tower. The same Jenga rules apply, but you add content questions.
  • Ring Toss – In order to get a turn students to answer review questions.
  • Bowling – In order to get a turn students to answer review questions.

My Product!

I thought that this worked very well, so I made a product that you could use with your students to review meteorology. Check it out by clicking the photo below:

Meteorology Glow Games


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