GSTA 2019!

On Wednesday I will be headed to the Georgia Science Teachers Association Conference. I am super excited about going, but also super nervous too!

I will be presenting a session at 8am on Friday over Room Transformations and how to engage students with real-world science. My session will be Amazing Race themed and I even have goodies for all of my participants. If you are attending, please come to my session. I would love to meet you!

Some other sessions I am interested in:


First-timers Session – I had the opportunity to attend NSTA last year. However, this is my first GSTA, so I thought it might be helpful.

Incorporating Literacy into Stations – I feel pretty strong in this area. However, I am interested to see what other people are doing in their classroom.

Teaching Guided Science Through Stations – This is something I am very interested in. I would love to incorporate more stations into my day to day lessons.

Time Saving Strategies with Science Notebooks– I love my science notebooks, but I hate how much time I feel is wasted on putting together foldables sometimes. I hope to find some great ideas from this session.


My Session – eeekkk!! It’s going to be great 🙂 I cannot wait to transform a session room!

Increasing Literacy in 6th Grade Science- Wow a session just for 6th grade. I am thrilled and hope I can make it to this because it is right after my session.

Making Lessons Sticky – Retention is huge and the problem this session is set to help solve.

Quit Teaching, Start Facilitating – This has been one of my goals as well. To have students who could be leaders in their own learning.

Roses are Red, Violets are Blue, We love Close Reading and You will Too! – I already love close reading, so I am excited to expand my toolbox.


I am unsure about the sessions on Saturday that I want to attend.


Overall, I am very excited to meet new people, learn new things and share with people! I cannot wait for GSTA!! 🙂

Please comment below if I will see you there!





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