Teacher Feature: Smith Science & Lit

Two years ago I found these awesome resources for incorporating reading into science. The resources were called Read and Apply, and they completely changed the way I present articles to my students.


These products are created by an awesome teacher, Jess Smith. She has a background similar to mine in that she has taught science and ELA. This is an awesome asset to have with the focus on adding literacy into science.

Smith, like me, also uses interactive notebooks in her classroom and finds it to be an asset for the students. Sort of like they are creating their own textbook as the year progresses.

However, one of the biggest issues that I have found her products address is the issue of comprehension. Many times my students read something and cannot tell you what they read. Then if you ask questions, they cannot give you the answer because they struggle that much with comprehension.

Here is a brief explanation from her blog about how she uses her read and apply products to target comprehension:

“So on top of using our textbooks, I started creating activities for students to read and then an application activity that goes directly with their reading. These reading passages are SHORT (which the kids love) and easy to understand. This allows students to use MULTIPLE texts to comprehend a science concept. The reading passage can be glued into their notebooks, folders, or even on a piece of construction paper while students do the activity on the opposite side. The passages them allow for students to highlight, underline, circle, and take notes in the margin (which they CANNOT do in a textbook!!)


After they read, they then do a HANDS ON activity to help them comprehend what they just read. FORGET answering questions at the end of the chapter or section! These activities push for higher level thinking and comprehension. I also include a writing prompt for each activity – a great opportunity for students to practice writing (they ALL need that, amen!?)”

So if your students struggle with comprehension, I really encourage you to check out this amazing teacher-author! Have you tried any of her activities? If so leave a comment below 🙂





Check out her freebie on TpT by clicking the following image – original-2018611-1



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