Three of my Favorite Doodle Notes (and where to find them)

I teach Earth Science currently. So here is a list of my all time favorite doodle notes. Some of them I have made and others are from other sellers. Be sure to click the images to find them!

  1. Coriolis Effect Doodle Notes – I created these and I love that it connects students to a real world situation/question by using the toilet flush. ($2.50)untitled
  2. Rock Cycle Doodle Notes – I love these because the seller provided questions to go along with the notes as a Check for Understanding! (Free)capture
  3. Seasons Doodle Notes – This is my favorite because the students decorate each tree to correlate with the season. My students loved this! ($3.00)captureI hope you enjoyed taking a glimpse at some of my favorite doodle notes. I use these all the time and this is just a sampling of some of my favorites. I may share even more later. What are some of your favorite doodle notes? Let me know in the comments!

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