The One Who Holds the Stars…

A while back I wrote a post about why I taught ELA and I cited that it was because of my granny. Every time I enjoy a good book I attribute it to her (and my mom) instilling in me the love of reading. However, For the past two years, and two years in China, I have been teaching science. Science is a new love of mine that has grown over the years.

When I was young I always had a great fascination with the stars and with outer space. I remember watching Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century and wanting with every part of me to live on a space station. My dad also has a love affair with the SciFi channel – which is something I only recently started to appreciate with all of the star trek re-runs! Star Wars and Star Trek were major players in my life and only helped to establish my awe of the stars.

With all of this love of intergalactic things I also had a love for something much bigger than the universe and that was my God, Abba Father! When I was going through a tough time my first year of college a dear friend encouraged me to look at the world around me. She said the beauty of the Earth is like God sending you his love notes. A STARRY NIGHT is like his box of chocolates for you. Wow! This made me look at the world around me differently and suddenly I loved the small glimmers of beauty that maybe others didn’t notice.

Fast-forward a few years to when I learned I was going to be teaching Science in China. My degree was in ELA and I had no idea how or why this was taking place. It turned out to be a God thing for sure. When I started planning my lessons I was reminded of how God is at work in science. From our cells to the black holes to the far reaches of the universe he is interwoven and his fingerprints are imprinted on it all.

Currently, I am teaching Earth Science and it is by far my favorite. Even though I can’t share with my students our awesome creator, I am still encouraged by getting to show them His awesome creation.

To close out this post I want to leave you with an awesome new song by Skillet – Stars!

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