Deja Vu

I am currently teaching night school at my old high school. I teach all of the HS Science classes there, and yes it can be a bit overwhelming. However, being in my old high school is surreal. Since I have graduated high school (over 10 years ago – yikes), they have built a new building and now rent out the old building. That being said I now teach in the very place that I was in all those years ago. Each night I pass my old locker and can’t help but think about all the people who walked those halls with me.

I had an awesome experience in high school. Those were the days when the CRCT was in its infancy and high stakes tests were just beginning to be the popular thing. I don’t remember taking a lot of tests in school and I guess that is a blessing. I want my students to have the same great experiences I had, but sometimes I worry that all they are going to remember is the test they took. I know I am probably not alone in this – it is just a fact that has been wearing on me for a few weeks now.

Okay, Okay enough with my walk down memory lane and my soap box. I have some good news to add. TpT is having a sale starting on January 20th and ending on the 21st. My entire store will be on sale along with several of my favorite teacher authors. I have even added a new product in the mix!! Happy Shopping!! 🙂

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