Chun Jie Kuai Le!

I was so excited to celebrate the Chinese New Year with my students this past week. Of course Chinese New Year doesn’t start until February 8th this year, but being in the states we talked about it a bit early.

My PLC started a “Camp Fire” program every two weeks. It is an opportunity for us to meet our listening and speaking standards in a fun way. Students can audition and share journals, create skits or do book talks all on this day. We have themes for each Camp Fire that are focused around our unit plans. The students love it and don’t even realize we are actually learning during the camp fire. Other than student share time we also review standards and have teacher lead activities and stories. My counter-part came up with the name CAMP SHINE (Stories Here Igniting Neighborly Exchanges). It has definitely become a highlight for each unit even though it is A LOT of work!

So, our first Camp Shine of the new year was focused on Chun Jie or Chinese New Year. I got to share with the students some of the customs that come from Chinese New Year. I mean did you know it is tradition to wear red underwear for good luck during your animal year? We played games like catch the dragon tail and an honor balance game I learned while in China. Before the students came in I decorated the room with red banners. I set up my kid chinese dishes (and during the camp fire challenged students to the chop stick challenge!).

IMG_20160107_151739 IMG_20160107_151750IMG_20160107_151828

Here is the ppt that I used for our camp fire:

Chun Jie Kuai Le

I made handouts for the students and taught them a Chinese song. The song is on the ppt. The handout came from Scholastic if you search Chinese New Year on their site.

IMG_20160107_151857 IMG_20160107_151909

I think that the camp fire really resonated with several students. I received various drawings from students and even some traditional ramen noodles straight from China! It is moments like this that I live for as an educator!! 🙂

IMG_20160107_151654 IMG_20160107_151700

If you are interested in other resources regarding Chinese New Year – I have the following product available on my Teachers Pay Teachers Store and did I mention it was FREE!!

Chinese New Year Activities Pack


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