First Semester Down…

Wow! An entire semester has come and gone. I am in awe of all that has happened in my life since I moved back to Georgia. Over the past few months I started two new jobs at two different schools, lost 23 lbs, got a new puppy (Toby), traveled to my first ever edcuators conference, started planning in a PLC not alone, and celebrated the holidays without the need to travel. It has flown by, but the old addage says time flies when you are having fun!

I absolutely adore my new school OCMS! We use PLC’s to plan and really guide the school. It has made my life as a teacher more stress-free than ever before. I love how we are a family at my school and each person truly uplifts the others. I honestly didn’t know what it was like to work in a high-functioning school until now. My time in China and in Mississippi made me grow as an educator in many different ways. I learned how to plan engaging lessons in China and then how to manage a classroom and hone those skills in Mississippi. Here I am learning yet again how to work with the adults in my building, and I am having a blast. The thing that I love about teaching is the fact that you are always learning new ways to do things and make life better! The moment I stop learning as a teacher is the moment I know I need to stop teaching.

On a personal note I have been spending tons of time with family. It has been so great to live so close to family after four years being apart. My hubby and I have truly enjoyed reconnecting and building up relationships that fell to the wayside while we were away.

In one short day the second semester will begin and the only thing at this moment I am dreading is getting up early – I am not a morning person at all (9am is my ideal wake up time). I have resolved to blog more, because I really do enjoy it. I just took time to really get into my new life before I started blogging this time. Until we meet again…

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