Feeling Inspired!

It’s a SNOW DAY!!


Sometimes as a teacher you just need a snow day. I know that I needed today. I just finished watching a really great movie I have been wanting to watch for a while. There was one scene that really resonated with me.

In this scene Bones tells Ally – “I doubt God made a mistake giving your kids the Mama he did. So you just be you and let him take care of the rest.”

It is so easy for me to get wrapped up in the crazy-ness of the day to day life. As a teacher you want to do the best for your students, all while meeting the expectations set out before you by administration. Sometimes I forget the joy of teaching and why I became a teacher. Then on days like today I can sit back and reflect on my life and I realize that God has been trying to teach me something all along.

Over the past few days I have been getting nervous about my future and some upcoming interviews, model lessons and such. This movie gave me the gentle assurance – all I need to do is be me. God is going to open the door and put me in the school he wants me to be in. I just have to be who he made me to be and trust him enough to take care of the rest.

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