It takes a…

Okay so the saying is so old – It takes a village…, but it truly does take a lot of people to support a successful teacher. My goal this year is to create a community of learners, but it takes a community to support me in this endeavor. I am so thankful that even though some of my family is miles away I have their support.

WP_20140730_16_39_38_Pro Taken with Nokia Glam Me

My mom and cousin drove all the way to Mississippi to help me decorate my room. I honestly could not have done it without them. On top of that they helped me to get my interactive notebook stuff organized, so that I would have an example ready for the first day of school. My husband has been my rock through my whole teaching career. He painted my walls and then went around the school to help others. I am so blessed to have married such an amazing individual.

It takes a village – and it will continue to take a village to support me and my students!

Now for you teachers out there. My TpT community is hosting a sale. I have had the privilege over the past year to meet some awesome sellers who create dynamic products for the classroom. Click the image below for our back to school sale!! (It starts on August 4-5th)

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