Faith defines who I am as a teacher. It gives me hope on days that seem hopeless, and a pillar of strength when I feel like I cannot go on. Teaching in case you don’t know or are just wondering is hard. I have wanted to leave the profession more times than I can count now, but the love that I have for my students tethers me to teaching. And at the end of the day I think it is something more. I feel called to be in the classroom. I love working for hours and hours to help one student reach a concept. I also live for that one student who says that I made a small difference in their life.

I was recently reminded of my Granny. She was a very special lady and I miss her each day. Although she was not a teacher she taught me how to care for other people. She worked during her last few years of life as a custodian. One year she told me about this girl who always wanted to hug her. My Granny being the person she was gave that girl a hug every single day. At the end of the year my granny recieved a note from the girl. It said simply, “Thanks for hugging me. No one else will and this is the first time I have been hugged since my mother died.” Wow! Giving a hug was such a simple thing and it meant the world to this girl.

As I prepare for the year ahead I have big goals and aspirations for each of my new students. I also have worries and concerns which I pray about daily. However, in my heart of hearts I hope that God will continually remind me that sometimes I need slow down and stop to look for the little things in life to truly bless my students.

One thought on “Faith

  1. I love reading all of your blogs…Its lets me know that raising you from a baby to a Lady that I taught you that you can do any thing. You have such a huge heart for your students. Don’t forget – I love you Jessica Lynn, Mama

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