Carry On

I never expected to feel so down-trodden in the classroom. I have always loved teaching, but it has been one uphill battle after another. So far this year has been like digging through concrete with a plastic spoon. I have break-throughs, but mostly it is littered with frustration. One break-through happened a couple of weeks ago when we read “The Tell-Tale Heart”. My students loved the story, but more than that they loved the project that we completed. They had to be CSI investigators and create a case file (on TpT) with text evidence.

Positives So Far:

– Attending all of the Middle School Football Games and being named as the number one fan by the football players.

– Students actually remembering and being able to describe the stories we read during our short story unit.

– Students asking to check out books from my library and take AR tests.

– Random notes from different students about how much they enjoy my class.

– Being able to start FCCLA for my students.

– Becoming a table leader for the Innovation Fair next weekend.

– Connecting with some of the problematic students in different ways.


Am I failing? Yes. However, through those failures I am learning and growing into a better teacher. I continue to carry on, because I am worth it and more importantly my students are worth it.

I leave you now with a quote from my Poppa “You never fail until you stop trying!”

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