Five Days Left in China

Time flies! Everyone always says that, but it has never been more true than for my time in China. Coming to China and teaching has been my dream since high-school. Now I am looking out from here and trying to figure out where to go from here. God gives you the desires of your heart and that is exactly what He did when He allowed us to move to China.

Words cannot express the highest highs and the lowest lows that I have experienced in China. I leave here a changed person. I can proudly say that I am stronger in my marriage, as a person and as a teacher. I am going to miss my dear Chinese friends that I am leaving behind, and many other things that I will not even think about until I am back in the states. In China, I always find myself saying – “Well in the States….” and I know that now it will to change to “Well, in China…”

I am faced with the uncertainties that life brings. What I do know is…

  • China will always hold a piece of my heart, especially in the wonderful people that I have grown to love!
  • I will come back to China – for how long? Who knows?
  • I will be a TFA Corps member, which in and of itself is a huge honor, teaching in Mississippi.
  • I am ready to spend quality time with my family back in the states, being apart from them has been the hardest part of this experience.
  • Most of all, I wait in anticipation to see what God has in store for my life!


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