Mama I Love You

Mother’s Day is upon us. I have been waiting to share something about my mom for a while – keeping mothers day in mind. A few weeks ago my mom and I were talking about jobs and such. I am a huge self-doubter or maybe I am just my own worst critic. I never feel like I will be good enough to find a job in my hometown (so many people apply for jobs there and it is a rural school district). In the middle of the conversation I mentioned to my mom that all the things I have been doing – teaching in China and Teach for America – are really going to help me standout as an educator. It was at that moment that my mom made a small comment that I have remembered.

Me – “I am slowly working to outshine the competition and become better than the other applicants.”

Mom – “You are already better than most!”

I am sure at the time she didn’t realize how special that comment made me feel. I always know that I have my mom’s full support no matter what I do. However, I definitely cherish those small comments that she makes about how proud of me she is. It makes me feel good to make her proud.

Thank you MAMA for always supporting me – even when it took me away from you for a long time! It was knowing that you were there to home to that made me get through my toughest days! I LOVE YOU!!

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