May the Odds be Ever in Your Favor!

This year I had another opportunity to teach The Hunger Games. I love the entire series and I think my love of the book spreads to my kids. This past summer I purchased the movie poster back in the states. So, I decided to decorate my room and really get into the Hunger Games mood. I purchased a set of quotes posters from Tracee Orman on TpT. I am so proud of my décor. Normally I don’t change up my decorations. I just change out student work and my walls are covered with their masterpieces/projects. I think decorating added to the ambience of reading the book.

This is my third time teaching the book. Wow! However, I tried not to get stuck in a rutt (which can be easy to do when you know what works). So I decided I would add one or two new things each time. This year my major addition was the visual PPT from TpT – Tracee Orman yet again! My original plan was to show a few clips from the movie as we read, but that got vetoed by my principal. However, the PPT worked really well to introduce the novel and my students looked forward to seeing the pictures and discussion questions. One student actually asked, “When are we going to look at the pictures again?”

Here are a couple of  pictures of my classroom:



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