F-1 Tornado

This morning when I headed to school I had no clue the wind would be so crazy. Jeff had told me that it was a dreary day, so I put on my most rain resistant jacket and headed out to face the day. In our apartment complex I could tell it was pretty windy. I could not decide which way to hold my umbrella because the wind kept changing directions. Ugh!

I persevered through the frustrating wind to meet my riding buddy, Ran Ran. We got into a tuk-tuk (the equivalent to a golf-cart in the states with foam board walls). We went down the road headed to school and I honestly thought we were hydroplaining (spelling?). However, it was the wind pushing our poor foam-board mobile. It was very scary to see and feel the vehicle move sideways as you are driving along a crazy Chinese street. Thankfully, we arrived at school safely.

Then we began our final walk through the complex to our school building (through a garden area). Once inside the gate it was like a wind tunnel. The wind that couldn’t make up its mind at our apartment was suddenly transformed into a monster whistling and whisking us along the sidewalk. At one point I had my umbrella in front of me and felt like a cartoon character as I battled to make it to the door.

While on our way through the wind tunnel we heard the cry of our students, who were also battling against the wind the poor things. We all finally made it into the school and assessed the damage. Everyone was soaked. Oddly, one girls whole left side was dry. but her right side was drenched.

After we all shed our jackets and put away our umbrellas (some of which were broken in the wind tunnel), a student came up to me. In Earth Science we just finished our weather unit. He ushered me to the window and said, “Mrs. Caldwell,” pointing outside “F-1 tornado – the rocks are flying!” 😀 I tried to no avail to convince him that it was more like a hurricane, but he still insisted it was an F-1 tornado down there. I love my students!!

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