Exciting News!

I am back from my journey around China. I had an amazing time with friends in Hong Kong and in Xian. Disneyland in Hong Kong was so much fun. I truly felt like I was a kid for a day. In Xian, I finally got to see the famous Terracotta Warriors and Panda’s! It was the first time I had ever seen a panda, and what a great place to see them – China.





All of that was very exciting, but the most exciting news came on January 8th (in China)! I have been going through the Teach for America Interview process for around three months. The process included an initial application, phone interview and their first ever virtual interview. Some people equate getting accepted into TFA to getting into an Ivy League University. None the less on January 8th I found out that I was accepted into the 2013 Corps.

Photo: Congratulations to all those accepted to Teach For America today! Tell the world by sharing this image and/or making it your profile picture.

I will be teaching English 7-12 in the Mississippi Delta Region. I am ecstatic to be coming home to America and hopefully make a difference in a school there. However, that means that my time in China is coming to a close. I hope that I will be able to enjoy my last five months here with my friends and students.

One thought on “Exciting News!

  1. Hello! My name is Khiana. I am currently teaching in South Korea, and I have recently applied with Teach for America. I have been invited to a virtual interview. I was doing some research to see who has done a virtual interview with TFA and came across your blog. If it is possible, I’d love to get your insight and experience. Thank you in advance!

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