How Important is Modeling?

As teachers we model things all the time. We explain how to answer questions and then show students an example. However, how important is modeling reading and writing.

In my class I expect my students to do independent reading and journaling each day. My question is, how many times do these students see this modeled? How do they know what independent reading a journaling looks like without a model? Many students do not see this modeled at home. So I believe it is our job to model this at school.

I have started modeling these two things in my classes. When my students are having their independent reading time I make it a point to stop for a few minutes and read something. I try to make it a fun novel – so that students know that reading should be fun! I also recently started writing in a journal during their journaling time. Don’t get me wrong I am still engaged with my students and actively monitoring them. I am just effectively modeling independent reading and writing at the same time.

What is your opinion about modeling?

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2 thoughts on “How Important is Modeling?

  1. I am a pre-service teacher, so I don’t have much experience, but I believe that modeling is very important as well. If the students see that some activity, such as reading, is not important in an adult’s life, then why should they be motivated to make it important in their life? I have just learned in Educational Psychology here at college how much students can pick up by observation. I believe that we as teachers have a huge responsibility of being models for our kids, because they are watching us.

    1. I totally agree. Sometimes we as teachers do not take time to model, because we have so much to do throughout the day. I believe it is something that we cannot afford not to do. Thanks so much for your comment!

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