A ROCKy Field Trip!

In my Earth Science class we have been studying rocks and minerals. On Monday, I took my students on a field trip. We went to a local reservoir to look for samples of rocks and minerals. It was really a great trip. My students got to observe Earth science in the great outdoors.


I didn’t realize before we took the trip how big of a step being in the great outdoors was until we reached the reservoir.  My students are definitely city kids. They have always been in the city, and are not that in touch with nature. What brought me to this realization was when one of my students started running from a butterfly. Wow! Another blatant moment of reality happened when a student said, “Mrs. Caldwell – don’t move there is a bug behind you!” I quickly turned around to find a small grasshopper.

Kids running away from grasshoppers and butterflies was a bit crazy for me – a girl originally from rural Georgia. However, after we talked about what a dangerous bug or animal was we had a successful trip. Some of the students even had the opportunity to hold their first frog or caterpillar. Even though we were there to collect rock samples it was amazing to see the kids interact with the world around them.


Here are some resources to use when teaching Rocks and Minerals:

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