Getting to School

How do you get to school? I am sure for many that is an easy question to answer. Until recently it was easy for me as well. In my previous Chinese city I rode the employee bus and got around via taxi or public bus (of course I also did my fair share of walking).

Now I am in a new city and there is no employee bus, the public bus and taxi’s are unreliable. So what’s a girl to do? Find another form of transportation. If you have ever been to China or maybe any foreign country, you know that sometimes driving and driving laws are very different from the U.S.  Once upon a time I said that I would never drive in China, because it was too crazy. I have learned once again to never say never. I bought a tric or three wheeler.

I know that three-wheeler’s are dangerous so I chose one that had a pick-up behind it to make it a bit more steady. So far I have only driven around the parking deck, but I will soon hit the road. School starts next week so if you think of me on the road send up a prayer. We live in a smaller city now so it is slightly safer and I intend to stay on the back roads as much as possible (don’t worry MAMA)!


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