Going Fishing

I am now back in the states. One of my favorite things to do with my daddy is to go fishing. We have went fishing together my entire life. Sometimes we catch things and other times we just enjoy the peace and quiet that the lake brings. Besides my dad says that if we just caught things it would be called catching not fishing.

I took this time to use fishing as an inspiration for a new resource in my classroom. My students get very bogged down with research. They don’t really have the proper steps to go through. I have tried note cards and outlines, but it all seems to go over their head. Today I made a product that I hope will help with this next year.

It is called fishing for research and it uses the acronym or acrostic ‘FISH’ to help them find and organize their information. An explanation is availble for free in my TpT store by clicking the picture below.

In honor of fathers day and the beginning of summer I am hosting a sale on my TpT store as well.  The sale will be running from June 16-20. There will also be a giveaway in my Teachers Notebook store. So go there and check it out. Click here or below to find out about other teachers who are having similar sales, freebies and giveaways 🙂


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