My Cup Runneth Over

As many of you know I am transfering to a new school in China. I had to leave all of my beloved students this past week. It was one of the saddest weeks of my life, but it reminded me of why I became a teacher. There is a joy that comes from knowing that you did a good job and theat you taught your students well.

Over the past two weeks I have gotten encouragement from my students and my co-workers about what an amazing teacher I am and how I have transformed life at school. One of my students said that my room was the best room in the school, because it was the one place where they felt loved. Another student said that even when I was trying to correct their behavior it was evident that I loved them.

The love of my students and those cherished moments when a student finally grasps a concept are the reasons I became a teacher. I love this job and cannot see myself doing anything else. I have a passion and a drive to be the best educator that I can be. I know that it is cliche, but I honestly do not feel like I have a job. I am doing something that I love and in the words of the psalmist “my cup runneth over.”

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