Create Your Own Odyssey

The Class – English Four

The Task – Each student was to create their own adventure with a budget of $10,000 as a research project after reading The Odyssey.

The Conversation after being given the task:

Student: Can we have more Money?

Mrs. C: No

Student: What happens if we run out of money?

Mrs. C: You are stranded and you did not complete your journey.

Student: Can we get money from a friend?

Mrs. C: No

Student: What if I meet up with Tom and use some of his money?

Mrs. C: That is not allowed.

Student: Can I travel with Tom?

Mrs. C: No

Student: But Mrs. Caldwell I am all alone and I will be LOOONELY….

Mrs. C: (rolls her eyes, but laughs on the inside)

~ ~ ~

In English we just finished reading the Odyssey. We did a lot of activities. Which made it a lot of fun and the students are really enjoying the final project (despite the above conversation).

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