Congratulations and Condolences

My husband and I found out this week that we will be leaving our beloved city for another. We will still be teaching, but it will be a major change of pace. We will be helping the head of our school start a new school in another area. I have had many colleagues come up and congratulate me and many of my students come up with tear-filled eyes to hug me.

Condolence – An expression of sympathy

Congratulation – An expression of praise for an achievement or good wishes on a special occasion; the act of congratulating.

I find myself yet again on the fine line between being congratulated and being given condolences. On one hand I am excited about everything that a new school brings. However, leaving my kids and friends is breaking my heart. It has reminded me yet again that nothing is constant and everything good must come to an end.

I was counting the days down to the end of school, but now I realized I only have five precious day to spend with my students. Do you have any advice about leaving students and friends behind?

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