One Smart Cookie

I had a wonderful time blog-hopping yesterday. I got some really great freebies from some truly awesome educators. I hope that you also had the chance to grab those free offers.

On a different note I just got finished baking cookies for the teachers at my school (we only have 10 teachers at our k-12 school). Tomorrow is Teacher Appreciation Day. I am kinda proud of myself. I created little gift bags with cookies. I also made custom labels that say “You are one smart COOKIE! Happy Teacher Appreciation Day 2012.” They look really cute.

Teacher Appreciation Day is not celebrated in China. I am hoping to bring a smile to the face of my Asian co-workers. What are you doing for Teacher Appreciation Day? No matter what it is I hope it is wonderful.

2 thoughts on “One Smart Cookie

  1. I had a awesome teachers appreciation week here. One little boy in my class brought me something every day. I told him he didn’t have to bring me something every day he said I love you that much Mrs.Frank and if my mama don’tget something I am going to make some thing for you and Mrs. Minsh. I got alots of hug and that is just as good of any thing I could get that is what I told them when they didn’t have any thing its not about things boy did I get a lots of hug thta made there little faces light up when I would make a BIG oh GRRRRRrrrrrrrrr when they hug me.

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