Teacher Appreciation Week

I am super excited about next week!  It’s Teacher Appreciation Week and we’ve got a huge jackpot for you.  Everyone’s a winner not just one person.  We’ve put together an amazing blog hop for you to find some of the best teacher resources that are normally a paid item, but for one day they are FREE just for you.  Isn’t that exciting?!  I’ll let you know the value of all the products that you are going to get for free on Saturday.  It all starts on Sunday, May 6th.

We wanted to show teachers how much we care for them and appreciate all the hard work you put in each day at school.  Each gift will be valued between $3.00 and $8.00 (which equals a jackpot of over $600) You can only download them from Teachers Pay Teachers.  If you don’t have an account there, set one up so you can be ready to download like crazy!

Because there are so many bloggers participating in this event, we have it split up into three groups. I am in  the 7-12 Jackpot.  Even if you are not a 7-12 teacher you can still get in on the action by visiting the other hosts sites.

Make sure you watch for another amazing promotion just for teachers May 6-8.

You are one LUCKY person!

Click Here for My Free Product – Coke or Sprite Inference Lesson and Game

This product was created for an EFL class, and is only free today (normally $3.75). The lesson introduces students to critical thinking, strategy, predictions and/or making an inference. Students play a game and try to create a strategy, persuade other players and make predictions. It could be used as an intro to teaching students how to make an inference when reading.

What is included:
– Vocabulary and Questions
– PowerPoint (12 slides)
– Coke or Sprite Strategy Game

3 thoughts on “Teacher Appreciation Week

  1. Hi-
    I’m unable to download the FREEBIE giveaway and it’s only 11:22 pm PST here in CA. (Don’t worry-yours hasn’t been the only one. Probably has to do with various time zones.) Can you send it to me please? Thanks!

    Donna (midwestigirl2@aol.com)

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