Hunger Games ~ Training Day

Training Days Resource (Click on the Photo to get it at TpT)

So I fell in love with the novel The Hunger Games long before there was any talk of a movie. I was working in a Library and we got in this new young adult novel. I decided I would read it, and I could not put it down. I waited for each of the subsequent novels to be published. Devouring each as it came out.

When I was student teaching I had my first opportunity to teach the novel. My students fell in love with it and I knew that would be the first of many times that I would teach that novel. My 9th grade English class is now in the midst of reading the novel. Two of them have read it before and so they are making the rest of the class super-excited. Some of them have even asked if we can read the last two books when we finish this one. Yes, students begging to read, how awesome is that?

All of the students are ELL’s and I have to supplement some of the vocabulary. Suzanne Collins uses a great range of vocabulary and I know that is helping my students as they prepare for their examinations (TOEFL and SAT). I would like to thank Tracee Orman for her amazing unit activities for the Hunger Games. Her stuff is truly amazing and has greatly helped me as a teacher.

In the novel there is a section where the contestants go to training to train for the games. I siezed this as an opportunity to implement some hands on learning. I set up several centers around the room and students were required to go to each station to “train” for the hunger games. Here are some pictures from that experience:

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My students had a wonderful time during training. They got a little confused with the camo station and thought it was face paint. However, I know it will be an activity that I repeat with other classes. Hope you have a wonderful day and may the odds be ever in your favor!

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