Long Time, No Post

Our school started back on February 1st and I had a whirlwind of planning to do. Then during pre-planning our principal announced that nine of our faculty and staff members would be attending a TEFL training in three days. Eeeeek! I was one of the chosen members, and very excited about the training. However, that also meant that on top of regular planning, I had to plan for substitutes to take my classes for five days.

I finished all of the planning and everything ran smoothly. I now have my TEFL certification (wooo whooo)! We have been back in regular classes (no crazy drama) for two weeks. I finally feel that I am back into my routine. It was really hard to do after having five weeks off. I am used to our American system with two and a half to three weeks at the most 🙂 Five weeks really threw off my chi!

I do have a funny story from last week that I wanted to share. For those of you who don’t know, Korea is really into plastic surgery. It is normal in their society to have plastic surgery. I don’t know about you, but from my little town it was a faux pas to talk about it. If you had plastic surgery you definitely did not want the neighbors to realize it… For my students it is normal to talk about what you want to get done in the future and what your mother, cousins, or aunts have had done.

I knew that plastic surgery was prevalent, because it has been a topic of conversation among my co-worker/friends here. However, I must confess I never thought it would show up in an essay. We are reading Romeo and Juliet in my English four class. I assigned them to write an essay about their future love/girlfriend/boyfriend/spouse. Here is an excerpt from one of the papers:

“….I do not think looks or personality matters in my future wife. If she is beautiful, but mean I will send her to the army. If she is ugly, but kind I will send her to the hospital. I have discussed this with my parents. My father agrees with me. My mother says that it is too mean. Whatever. She has had plastic surgery too. I find that normal….”

Wow! I thought this was funny and a bit disturbing. What do you think?

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