Getting Ready for Chinese New Year

Our Door

It is January 20th and in two days we will celebrate our first Chinese New Year. We are not yet in school for spring semester. We do not report back until January 31st. That may sound like a long time, and I think it actually is compared to most schools in the states. We got out of school on December 23rd, which means that we have approximately 39 days out of school.

It also gave me a lot of time to work on things for the upcoming semester. Currently I am preparing a Romeo and Juliet Unit, Light and Sound Show Unit, Zoology Unit, Theatre History Unit, and an Inside the Earth Unit. I am tired just typing it out 🙂 Today I took a break and created a new product for my TpT store. It is an activity pack for The Count of Monte Cristo.

How are we going to celebrate Chinese New Year? My teacher friends and I are getting together and making zip-loc quilts. These are not blankets to cover up with. They are wall displays. I have a picture of one posted on my pintrest board called “classy classroom ideas.” We were told by other friends who live here that it gets a little crazy on New Years Eve hear. Fireworks go off all around, and it sounds like a war zone from noon until two a.m. So following some other peoples advice we are going to hangout inside and watch the fireworks from the safety of the apartment window.

I will let you know more details about how it all went and hopefully have some pictures of our zip-loc quilting bee!

~ Jessi

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