A Bit about Teaching in China

Let me tell you about my experience here in China. I work at an American international school. What that means is that we teach entirely in English and we use American curriculum. I use the same books that a lot of people use in America.

We also still have standardized testing, but we do not have the stress that comes with those in the U.S. I have felt so free after training to be a public school teacher. Our school really is student based. Which simply means we want to do what is best for our students first and foremost. I feel like that is something that we have gotten away from in the states with all of the laws and restrictions.

All of my students are ELL’s, but most have been in the school(learning and speaking English) since they were in kindergarten. I am truly amazed daily at their language skills and acquisition. I teach three science classes and one English class. In the states I am certified to teach English. The certification process as I understand is different for each country. For China all you need is a Bachelors in Education.

I have very small classes at my school. I teach a total of 53 students from 6-10th grade each day. Of those 53 students 50 of them are Korean, 2 are Russian and 1 is Chinese.

I hope that this makes sense and helps you to understand my life and teaching process here in China. Below are some pictures from my first six months in China. Some of them are from personal travels and others are from school trips. Our school takes two big trips with the secondary students, one each semester.

My Husband at the Ocean near our Apartment
Our First Panda in China
Pavillion - Hiking Fall Trip 2011
The Great Wall - Jan. 2012

One thought on “A Bit about Teaching in China

  1. Found you on the blog hop! I also think we are using the same wordpress format- cool, I have not seen another one yet. Anyway, my husband taught English in Russia and LOVED it, I am sure that you are having a blast!

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